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A Glimpse About Paithani Sarees

The sari, saree or sari is a five to nine yards of bliss, adorned by every woman in India. Such is the diversity of India that every place is culturally rich with larger than life heritage. India is again one of the richest, when it comes to textiles. No matter how modern the world becomes, there are things that outgrows all the modernity and fast paces; And undoubtedly saree is one of them. The saree in India does not come from one state alone; But, it is a blend of the different regions of the country.  Considered as one of the best handwoven silk sarees in Indias. Paithani sarees are named after the Paithan town in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. The elegant Paithini saree is famous for it’s slanting square border design and a pallu; inspired by nature like trees, parrots and peacock.

The Paithani weaving technique has been popular for its unique art and tradition; And is the carrier of a legacy for over 2000 years. Though they born in Paithan; grew under the patronage of the Satvahana dynasty kings. Later it progressed throughout the Deccan region. The special love of the Peshwas for Paithani in the 18th century has bestowed upon Paithanis, the name of "Queen of sarees". They became so popular during that era; that it became a trademark of honor and tradition for every Maharashtrian woman to own Paithani sarees.  Since then, it is coveted in India as a precious heritage that passed on from generation to generation.

History of Paithani Sarees

You can describe Paithani sarees as a poem which is handwoven in silk and gold zari. Next to only the golden brocade sarees of Banarasi sarees and kanchivaram sarees; Paithani sarees are one of the most premium silk sarees of India. Paithani saris are completely hand woven; and the patterns of the paithani sarees are derived from the designs on the Ajanta Caves. The weaving art has been passed on over generations; and still maintains the traditional designs of pallu and border. Though, the traditional designs still remain; the weavers of paithan experiment with new pallu designs without losing the traditional feel.

Paithan, a small village situated around 56 kms away from Aurangabad; is home for one of the ancient silk weaving industry in India. Paithani sarees were described as "the great fabric" in the early literature of Maharashtra. Therefore, these cloths is being woven since thousands of years; from a very ancient and popular city known as Supratishthapuram. As a result, the silken cloth brocaded with golden threads; is what we get today the Pathani sarees. Finally, the city is today known as paithan, giving the fabric its modern name.

Identify Real Paithani saree

A real Paithani saree is completely handwoven. Sarees are woven between the wefts and warp threads; and creates an almost mirror image of the face design at the reverse side of the Saree. Where as in Powerloom machine made Paithanis, most of the mesh of the threads will be visible on the reverse side. Today, there are many smart techniques used by the Powerloom manufacturers to the machine-made versions; like trimming the mesh of threads to give the appearance of a Real Paithani. Too much shining, large variety of colors in same design, non-natural colors, etc.; are some other signs that should alarm you against a Machine made Paithani.

Furthermore By burning some removed few silk threads from warp and weft; you can test their purity of an individual silk. You will smell like human hair burning, If they are real silk. More than anything else use your instincts; while buying a genuine handwoven Paithani Saree. Either you find too precise a symmetry in the motifs or very fine details; like too many colors and motifs and very micro details on same saree; another thing, chances are high that they are machine made.


Paithani sarees come in various colors. Some are pure, and some resulting from the amalgamation of different colored yeans in the weave. Usually, the dominant color in the border and Pallu is different from that of the body. 

In terms of motifs, it can be identified by Bangadi mor; which means peacock in a bangle or in a bangle shape; or by Munia brocade which means depiction of parrots; or  Lotus brocade where there is a depiction of lotus. In terms of weaving, it can be identified as Kadiyal border saree; which describes the method of interlocking; or Kad/ Ekdhoti where a single shuttle is used for weaving of weft.  In terms of color, it can be classified as Kalichandrakala, which is a pure black saree with a red border; or Raghu  which is a parrot green color saree; also Shidrok which is a pure white saree.


Though, the average price of a Paithani saree begins at rupees 6,000 upto rupees 500,000. The time taken to manufacture and the cost; depends completely on the type of design and weave.

Join us in our most noteworthy mission, to promote the magical handwoven art of Paithan; and revive the legacy of Paithani Saree weaves. You are not just buying a saree, you are buying a genuine handwoven Paithani saree. It is an appreciation of the efforts of many dedicated weavers of Paithan and yeola; who possess the wonderful technique of Paithani weaving and passed on to them over the centuries. Consequently, you can buy Paithani sarees online only on Renzza with a newly updated and latest collection; and get your Paithani sarees on your doorstep in a glimpse.




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