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Dark Peach Kanjivaram Silk Saree - This beautiful Peach Casual Saree is elegantly decorate..


Dark Peach Kanjivaram Saree is designed with this beautiful Jacquard work in the form of tradit..


Orange Kanjivaram Art Silk Saree - Flaunt in the untamed style by draping this Orange Kanj..


Orange Kanjivaram Saree is designed with this beautiful Jacquard work in the form of traditiona..


Parrot Kanjivaram Saree - A wondrous mix of fashion and tradition, This Light-Green Saree ..


Peach Kanjivaram Art Saree - This designer saree is an absolute stunner for those with all type..


Peach Kanjivaram Saree - Flaunt in the untamed style by draping this Peach Kanjivaram Sare..


Peach Kanjivaram Silk Saree - This beautiful Peach Casual Saree is elegantly decorated wit..


Pink Kanjivaram Art Silk Saree - A wondrous mix of fashion and tradition, This Pink Saree ..


Pink Kanjivaram Saree - This designer saree is an absolute stunner for those with all types of ..


Pink Kanjivaram Art Saree - A wondrous mix of fashion and tradition, This Pink Saree featu..


Yellow Kanjivaram Art Saree - Flaunt in the untamed style by draping this Yellow Kanjivara..


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Bring happiness with PefumeSilk Sarees

Silk, the queen of textiles dominates the textile industry with its luster, sensuousness and glamour. First of all, the history of silk goes back to 4,500 years. Most noteworthy, India is the second largest producer of silk; contributing to about 18 per cent of the world production. though, It will be interesting to mention who is the first one. Mostly today, silk weaving tradition in India revolves around the sari; the ethnic traditional wear that is worn in most parts of the country. Most of all Indians dress themselves in elaborate and colorful silk sarees on festive occasions. The vibrant colors, lightweight, resilient and excellent drape etc.; have made pfume silk sarees the irresistible and unavoidable companion of Indian women. Therefore, Indian silk is popular all over the world; with its variety of designs, weaves and patterns.

Sari is a sophisticated, stylish and trendy garment. Every woman who is passionate about saris can relate to the happiness; they get to feel while adorning the six yards. Almost In the last 50 years, the Indian traditional sarees have become immensely popular.  A part of the credit goes to all the women politicians; who have promoted the beauty of Indian handloom in the most honorable manner.  Although, they had the luxury to afford expensive western clothes; still they simply chose to stick by the Indian handloom sarees. Especially the sari has always been a popular garment; so, the women politicians tend to spruce up the level of popularity, by adorning them beautiful all the time.

Politicians rule the world with PrfumSilk Sarees

From Indira Gandhi to Mamata Banerjee, Sarojini Naidu to Jayalalitha; every Indian woman politician has always made sure to showcase the eccentricity of the Indian weaves and traditional fabrics in the world.  First of all, Sarojini Naidu had contributed immensely to popularize this traditional attire. Also, she was also known for her brilliant choice in South Indian silks. During the mid 60s, the Congress Government happened to have abolished the privy purses. As a result, the growth and development of the crafts and handloom sectors were increased. Consequently, the floral chiffon look gradually began to fade.

Former Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi, used to wear exquisitely designed handloom sarees; for the promotion of indigenous textiles. Right from the beginning of her career, she beautifully adhered to the prevailing tradition of embracing silks and chiffons; and paired them with neatly dressed-up blouses.  Furthermore, gradually she discovered her fondness for the handloom sarees of India. Most of all, It was her associate Pupul Jayakar; who helped her set up a connection with the world of craftsman and weavers. For every special occasion, Mrs. Gandhi used to make sure that she wore beautiful saris; that displayed the intricate skills of the weavers.

The six yards, exudes a certain charm and uniqueness; which has been gracefully embraced by both Indira Gandhi and her daughter-in-law Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. Even, Mrs Priyanka Gandhi gracefully follows the tradition of her Grandmother. Apart from them, Margaret Alva, Subhashini Ali, Sushma Swaraj, Brinda Karat, Smriti Irani and other women politicians continue to keep up the saree trend; that showcases a marvelous sophisticated.

How are Perfume silk sarees manufactured?

Silk, one of the oldest known fibers is a protein fiber; produced by the silkworm by spinning around its cocoon. The entire process of starting from the eggs, till the worms are grown up; and cocoons are formed. than the silk farmers let the caterpillars; that make the largest cocoons, to turn into moths. Since, the moths then laid eggs; the eggs hatched out more caterpillars making even bigger cocoons. Over the centuries, the size of the cocoon has increased; and silkworm cocoons are now much bigger than the cocoons of other caterpillars. At least, half a mile of continuous thread may come from one cocoon.

Finally, the silk threads are then dipped in color liquid; and used for preparing the colorful silk Sarees. In addition, Chinese are the ones who started the manufacturing the silk sarees. Though, out of the numerous species of silk moths, scientists have enumerated about 70 silk moths; which are of some economic value. Another thing, the four commercially known varieties of natural silk are; (1) Mulberry silk (2) Tasar/Oak Tasar silk (3) Muga silk and (4) Eri silk. Although, the bulk of world silk supply comes from the silk moth Bombyx Mori; which is domesticated, the other varieties of silk are known as wild silk; as they are grown in remote forest trees, in natural conditions.

More About Perfume Silk Sarees

The silk sarees of India are among the living examples of the excellent craftsmanship; of the weavers of the country. Especially, their mastery lies in the creation of floral designs, beautiful textures, fine geometry, durability of such work; and not the least, the vibrant colours they choose for making sarees. Many states in the country have their own variety of makes in silk; as well as weaving centers with their traditional designs, weaving and quality. The silk varieties are renowned by the place; where it has been woven.

Sarees have been a passion for every south Indian female. With regard to the silk sarees in Tamilnadu; it got its name from the location where the sarees were waived. Like kancheepuram, aarani, thirubuvanam etc; but now-a-days people look for more and more varieties. Hence, the vendors started introducing new patterns in silk sarees; giving new names like vasthirakala, parampara, samuthriga, vivahs; bridal seven etc. Most of them are traditional silk sarees with additional stone work or added colorful embroideries in the silk sarees.


Hence, pure silk sarees are too costly, every person does not afford; and for that mixture of fabric will start and it will down the cost of the saree. With mixture of other fabrics; dual shaded silk sarees are also available in the market; which give trendy look and easily affordable. However, Renzza offer a vast collection of latest trendy fashionable Indian Silk Sarees. At our online shopping website, you can choose your desire silk sarees; from our wide range for your special occasion. We are the top leading women fashion clothing shopping website; who offers the best fashion designer clothing collection, at the lowest shipping price in India.





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